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The Gifts we give and receive


When we moved from northern California, way up north in a little community called Irish Beach.  I was in many ways heartbroken.  The move was necessity, as getting to the doctor, and the grocery store, was a trek.  Taking a toll on cars and us.

We were surrounded by the ocean, and tree’s, redwoods, and 100-year-old cypress trees.  Cypress are very vocal, and energetic.  These trees had spent 6 years teaching me, and healing me.  Now we were moving.  But I always assumed we were moving in part because the job was done with them, and that time there had come to an end.  I could feel it.

The neighborhood wood never forget me though.  As in the spring, I heard the trees behind my house, these 100-year-old giant cypress tree’s telling me they were being poisoned.   As I stood guard and watched, I caught sight of men pouring, poison on them.  Gallons of poison, not even to mention they were in a micro wetland.


So began the war.  One thing you should know is, I am a warrior.  This energy comes over me and I go.  I was armed with a camera, and snuck around the deep grass and ferns, hiding as I took pictures of what they were doing.  I reported it to the environmental agency, and in California that is huge.  Nothing was really done.  But they did get sent a letter.

There presents was gone, and the tree’s did not suffer.  The wetland took a hit, but sprung back the next spring.

The owners of the lots wanted the tree’s down.  They were blocking that million-dollar view to the ocean.  So that summer they brought a group of burly men with chainsaws, and a D-10 bulldozer and started to rip out and then cut up the trees.

I saw this, with a cup of coffee in my hand as I looked out at the trees, and dropped the cup of coffee, jumped in the truck, and drove over to the where they were cutting.  Without a thought, without support, I jumped in front of the bulldozer, the burly man, turned it off, and the other men all stopped to look at me.  I said you don’t have a permit to be here, and to do this.  Heck, I didn’t know if they did or not.  But here we go!!  Lady your crazy.  These trees are coming down.  I stood in the way and he started that big beast up and lurched at me I closed my eyes and didn’t move. Nope no way.  He turned it off then the men came close to me, I yelled don’t come near me, and threw myself on the dozer, right on the bucket.

They shut the job down, someone called the sheriff, and long story short they were breaking the law, they had no permit, and the sheriff stopped them.

When the Sheriff came he removed me from the dozer, after he convinced me he would look into it.  I was not crying, I was not scared, I was mad.  Something came over me, I felt it and heard it, the connection was strong, and just like a mother protecting her children, I reacted.

The trees are now protected, in a beautiful little micro wetland with all the little animals that live there.

I was in the newspaper, and they wanted to interview me, and I said no.

Now we move to Arizona, and I missed my trees and I have pictures of them and still talk to them.

There we no trees around this house when we bought it none.  All the sudden after a year in the house, all these little trees sprung up at the back of my house, and I said to my husband this is a gift.  Look at them, there must be 25 trees at the back 12 feet and 18 feet now.

All the neighbors thought we had planted them.  No, they came to us, to give us shade in the summer, and beauty in the autumn as their leaves change.  Homes for the little birds, and love to us every day.  Those tree’s come into the house, they connect with love, and through love. They are sentient beings.

They are conscious, and they are aware.  My bedroom faces the trees, as they are all at the back, also the mountains.  What comes from those trees is indescribable.  They are my friends, my healers, my messengers.  At night the light from the moon shines through the trees, and a play appears on the walls with the shadows of the trees.

I also feel all trees are connected.  I also feel this was a gift to us, for what we had given and done for the other trees.

We are never disconnected.  To all parts of this reality, and to dimensional reality.

When the fire from last June threatened our house, my husband had mentioned we might have to cut them down, my heart dropped.  I heard a knock on the door it was the fire department checking homes and what debris or fire hazards were around the houses.  I took them out back, and he said “wow, look at your little forest”.   I could barely get any words out, as I couldn’t get a breath and he said, “these are good, looks good they are green”.  Your good.  I looked at him and threw my arms around him.  I was so happy.

We survived the fire, and the trees stand tall and proud.  I know no one can hurt them.  I am there, and I appreciate all they have given me.

I am so excited that I have a little forest in the back.  I love my trees.

with love Renee






Was that Sylvia Browne?

I am reporting an experience.  As it happened, and the messages that I received.  Feeling this is important, and that I will be visited until I get this out.

About a month ago I saw Sylvia Browne at a grocery store out in the parking lot.  Now I know what this sounds like, and yes, I giggled when it happened too.  But it was distinctly her.  I noticed her face first off. Her eyes, and then she moved her hair with those long nails.

She just stared at me, I smiled to myself and that was that.  I’m so used to seeing people and things, it doesn’t shock me.  So, I lah-de-dahed it!!!

A couple of weeks later, I am meditating and open my eyes for a moment as I smelled something, and standing there was Sylvia Browne, in the same clothes as in the parking lot white top with a white sweater that button down, same face, hair, nails, but this time a gorgeous soft white iridescent light.  She was in color.

I asked what do you want? In that smoker’s voice, she said “war”.  I sat straight up, and said “You mean war is coming”? With who? I clearly heard North Korea.  Sylvia then went on to say, “that it won’t make it here, but there will be a war”.  She was gone.  This happened three nights in a row.  Same clothes, same voice, same message.

Except last night, I saw her a fourth time.  I again ask to make sure I get the message right.  Is there going to be war? “yes” North Korea “yes” get the message out, how? I asked She then got irritated with me, and scoffed.  In a cantankerous charm, “figure it out”.

Well…Here I am!!

Take it with a grain of salt, or take as a warning.  Take it as you like.  But enough is enough, and I had to get her to leave me alone.  I am very much being silly and funny because, well-that is my nature.

The truth is I am reporting what I saw and heard.  I am sure she made it to many different Psychic’s and Mediums, with the same message.

Remember she said nothing about it being here.  She did say war.  No more of the details, except for North Korea.

I say and I am sure she would agree, lets concentrate on North Korea in prayers, and meditations to help to elevate this energy that is around the country.

If you want to give North Korea energy, and want to help, well then you better get busy.

Get a map of North Korea.  Remember to be in your higher Christ self to do this energy work NOT FROM THE PERSONALITY.  Then if you are familiar with the violet flame/fire use that to transmute the disturbing energy.  When you use the violet flame/fire it must be used from unconditional love, non-judgmental, acceptance.

You can’t do this work from fear, or hatred.  It must come from love.

If you just want to send energy there, and don’t have that violet flame work under your belt do that.  Send it, unconditionally if you’re in anger or fear.  Please before you do this try to get centered in your energy.

A place of peace.

I knew nothing of the predictions that she had made about North Korea, and after telling a friend about the experience, she sent me the predictions that Sylvia  had made.  The predictions about North Korea was there, I had no knowledge of this beforehand.

Here is only excerpt of the whole predictions from Sylvia Browne:

I predict the President elected sometime between 2008 and 2020 will die in office from a heart attack. The Vice President who will finish their term will have an unpopular and mistaken intention to declare war on North Korea. By that time, North Korea will have weapons of mass destruction. In the middle of efforts to declare war, I predict the Vice President will be assassinated.


There will be a worldwide investigation into the Vice President’s death with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. A lot of attention will be paid to one of the investigative congressional committees and serious accusations will be made regarding missing funds. Finally, it will be revealed that their accusations are part of a conspiracy to damage the American people’s faith in their government, with the media manipulated to “fan the flames,” and the committee will be vindicated in the end.


Thanks for reading, duty is done.  I hope, I guess, tonight will be the show down if it was enough or not.


with love Renee



Inner guidance

Welcome to teaching Tuesday

  • How do we start to listen
  • Following your inner guidance

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness”

Shakti Gawain

  • Moves us towards love-for ourselves and others
  • It ultimately brings enjoyment.
  • There is no sinking feeling that something is wrong
  • The body unclenches
  • There is a sense of clarity, excitement, and or excitement, or relief, and undeniable knowing.
  • Your inner guidance is never ending and always there

Inner guidance is always present, the voice of this guidance may be quiet , but it is always present, guiding us to navigate the river of our lives with perfect intelligence.

Are we listening or is the inner cacophony too deafening to hear?

What makes us turn away:

  • It is not a voice in our heads telling us what we should or shouldn’t do.
  • It is not a story justifying our actions.
  • It may not look logical.
  • It is not what we are propelled to do out of fear
  • Or out of neediness
  • It cannot be discerned when are clouded by strong emotions.

where is the room in our crowded entangled minds

When our internal experience is crowded with stories, opinions, doubt, justifications, fear and other emotions we aren’t quiet enough to allow the truth to be heard.  This is where we run into trouble.

If we make decisions by listening to the noise and not the silence these decisions come from fear and unconsciousness.  We suffer the consequences.

The pull of noise can be very strong

So strong that we don’t even consider stopping, pausing, or inquiring into what is the best or right.  We blindly choose, or we opt for what seems the logical or appropriate.

We take the path that fits our ideas of how things are supposed to be.  We are swayed by intense emotions.

We ignore the gentle tap on the shoulder that could show us the way

  • “nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself”
  • Start small
  • Fine tune
  • Benchmark your “yes”
  • Benchmark your “no”
  • Practice
  • Trust
  • Live it in the moment

Clues of communication

  • Physical sensations
  • This decision is physically telling you, with your stomach, your skin, your heart.

Feeling sick to your stomach with a decision?

Your skin is crawling?

Your skin hurts

Your heart sinks, literally feels like your heart is sinking or drops

Be quiet

Focus, ask, and tune in

Listen and receive

  • Quiet
  • Be quiet, have the environment quiet. If your mind will not stop ask it to stop, ask it to come to a focus of quiet (this takes practice)
  • Less stimulants – caffeine, prescription drugs, t.v., radio, people.
  • Meditation
  • Ask emotions to leave, and to quiet (takes practice) if you have just had a big fight with someone, its going to be tough to ask your mind to mellow out, so do this when you are not charged or reacting to emotion.
  • Ground and ground and ground – the connection to the earth helps, and will start to soothe you. Grounding soothes the beast
  • Focus gently, ask quietly, tune in to yourself, your body, and listen. Takes time doesn’t happen right away.  You have been ignoring this for so long, and now you are opening it, takes time to open.
  • You may not get anything right at first, keep asking guidance is on the way, but it has to find the best way for you to get it.


You have to make an effort, and this practice is daily, keep asking, keep striving.


Staying open to your inner guidance

  • Plug in daily- meditate just for a minute and batta bing you will be back to the zone of peaceful, stillness inside where you can listen.
  • Journaling – write down your thoughts and feelings, dump them on paper and out of your head. This allows a clearer stream of inspiration.
  • paint, create, exercise this helps to stay in the now, instead of thinking of the past or the future. You are here now
  • Shower or bathe water is good, swim, helps clear the energy, and get rid of mind bombs and debri.
  • tools = crystals, oils, incense, an object a flower, circle, picture.
  • Spiritual books can boost you too, help to get you in that zone, remember they also have a vibration.
  • Divination tools
  • Many different forms
  • How you feel about yourself

has a lot to do with communication skills to your soul/higher self.

For the internal guidance you really must love the person who is looking upward to the soul for help, for that inner advice.

If you are not at a place of love and acceptance of yourself, your inner guidance will see this as a disconnect.  Must have acceptance of who you are.

If you are angry and mad, well that is not the right time to listen to your internal guidance, if you hear anything it will be to calm down.

Remember that communication to your higher self/soul is sacred, and valued.

The more grounding, harmony,clarity,connecting, centering work you do, the more you will find a channel to your inner self.  That has always been there waiting for you to ask. It is the your holy god self, waiting silently with in you.

What is connecting?


  • connecting
  • Is the activity of becoming connected to your higher being and remaining connected through your 3rd dimensional self.
  • It is the power aspect so you understand that your being is part of your god light.
  • You are not meant to use your life force when you are working with spiritual energy you are meant to connect into your light source and use the limitless light of universal substance.


crown infinity pattern

  • Crown infinity pattern you can use your fingertips or you can use your energy as it moves through you once you are grounded, and centered.  Esoteric energy healing, with just looking at the points and using energy to touch into each point.

Crown infinity pattern, helps with the pineal gland in this pattern on top of the head and is working with the pituitary gland in harmony.

  • It is a pattern of light, that initiates an opening with in the chakra.
  • This is the beginning of self realization

This picture is the merkaba, with the 7 circles, and Metatrons cube.  There is a lot going on in this picture, and know that it really doesn’t matter.  At a subconscious level you know this picture, and all that is inside of it, the vibration and what it can do for you.  You can feel it, use the energy.




  • Brings peace and balance

Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.


Torodial merkaba

I am sure you can feel the vibration of this picture above, you can feel it pulling you, and reacting to your chakras also helps to ground your bodies within your physical form, you want to access the higher spiritual dimensions.  Grounding is essential to grow, and release old belief structures, that keep your thoughts and your heart bound to the illusion of earth.

Remember we talked about Torodial waves. The vortex ring.

thank you for reading, and happy trails to you.  Remember if your breathing, and you have a heartbeat your on your spiritual path.  Don’t take things too serious, have fun and live your life.

with love Renee




I’m psychic now what?

Do you think your psychic?  or do you know your psychic? Come take a look at the information and you decide what to do if you are or are not.

These are signs for Psychic  surely  there are a lot more.  Maybe even less, but its good information.

  1. You predict the future without consciously doing so.
  2. vivid dreams that have a profound meaning and may come true
  3. You just love the paranormal, every ghosts, or energy, spooky and haunted.
  4.  A pressure at your third eye, or tingling up and down your spine, goose bumps, and your hair stands up on your arms.
  5. You just know something is going to happen, you feel it, and sense it, this feeling feels so real.  Maybe it does come true.
  6. You know something is just not right, a place, a person, their voice, you sense this deeply.
  7. You hear voices, whispering, talking, conversations, when your all alone, or not.
  8. Warnings- you felt a warning, you heard a warning, leave now, move now.
  9. You can read minds, you say something right before the person does, you know their thoughts.
  10. You feel others emotions, eek this is a strong emotion, fear, sadness, anger.  You pick up their feelings.
  11. You met them before.  Do I know you? you feel as though you have known them or at least met them before.

Don’t be silly of course there are a lot more signs.  These to me are some of the most important.

The next signs pertain to a Medium again these are not all the signs but some I thought important.


  1.  You sense spirits, since childhood or maybe not, but you are sensing something, that is spiritual
  2. You walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness, joy, happiness, you are feeling the environment of the room.
  3. You have a fear of the dark, could be from childhood and you still do, when its dark its just different.
  4. You wake up in the night, either just because or you feel a presence, or someone is talking to you, but no one is there.
  5. You that creepy, scary, feeling when you walk into an old building, cemetery, or ancient place.
  6. You have seen things out of the corner of your eye, possibly some white smoke, sparkles in the air, flashes of light, shadow or colors, or other apparitions
  7. You’ve had someone close to you die and experienced a lot of odd things afterwards, contact, hearing or feeling their energy near by you.  Maybe you saw them, maybe you felt them.
  8. You hear voice’s in your mind, but you have told yourself it’s just you.  Hearing inside and outside of your head.  spirit contact.
  9. You have pretended to have conversations with animals, within your mind.  Mediums are natural animal communicators, sometimes not even realizing they are.
  10. Anxiety attacks, all of the sudden, out of the blue, sometimes that is a spirit trying to link up to say “Hello”
  11. Strange noises, from another room things sounds like they are moving around.  When no one is there.
  12. You don’t like to be alone at night.  When I was young I was scared too death, to be alone.
  13. You feel like someone is watching you, even when your alone.  This is an over whelming feeling, I get it.
  14. Runs in the family, maybe your aunt, grandmother, or mother, father, had this ability, some people from back in the day don’t talk about this.
  15. You have had paranormal experiences you can’t explain.
  16. Electronics , appliances, lights, tv’s, tend to go out around you.
  17. You just in a conversation start to deliver these really profound messages, that just seem to pop through you.

You’ve taken prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to avoid any of the above feelings or sensations, or maybe to stop the voices of spirit contact.

Those are some of the signs.  I am sure we have all experience a few or all and more.

The clairs


This of course goes with mediumship also, I have never in a reading with a client declared I have all the the clairs.  I just don’t want to waste their precious time with explaining each clair.  I always say “I see, feel, hear, know, spirit”  This way we can move on they know these words.  They can understand then on we go.  But this is up to you.

Natural or latent psychic mediums

A natural medium is born this way, just like lady GaGa said in her hit song born this way.  The abilities present early, and last through out a lifetime.

Latent psychic medium is one where it presents later in life.  Also can be strongly attributed to:

an accident

a spiritual awakening


near death experience

The ability can present at any time.  Usually when you least expect it.

Signs of mental illness

Most don’t really want to talk about this.  But its important I feel.  A lot of the signs of a psychic medium can also be considered part of mental illness.  I recommend that people that are having these signs before they decide to do the work, get a full ck up, from a medical doctor.

medical ck up

hormone panel

metabolic ck up

iron, zinc and other elements in the body.

What seems to happen is you are called crazy so often, when presenting the signs and abilities.  You need to know your not crazy, it will be at the back of your mind.  In my experience, I have been called crazy many times.  When I got older I got a complete ck up, and blood work for deficiencies.  They found nothing wrong with me.  I knew then what this was.  I also had a good doctor that some how I connected with.  That said “your are psychic” thats what this is.  When using a doctor ck out their background first.  Make sure they are open to this fact.  The doctor can help or hinder.

Planes of existence

ok…so your psychic with mediumship abilities now what? You must have a foundation of understanding of how the spiritual realms works and you have to start with you.

7 planes for teaching

The seven fold nature of man is the reflection of the sevenfold nature of the universe.

“As above So below”

This picture shows the 7 planes of existence, with in each plane are dimensions/ or layers, each dimension holds 3 higher and 4 lower.  This also relates to the energy bodies around us.  The 7 bodies, the 7 chakras.

H.P Blavatsky is the theosophy and this literally mean: Divine wisdom, you can see in the chart the different ways of looking at the same thing.  Eastern, Kabbalah, and so on.

In the kabbalah the planes are related to the tree of life, with archangels with each part.

These planes relate to the energy bodies around you also:




spiritual – which contain the higher mental, budahic body, atmic body


Three minds

Bet you didn’t know you have three minds.  But you do and that is important to know, as you connect into these minds all the time, every day.




three minds and planesThese three minds also relate to planes of existence as you can see in the chart.  The physical is associated with the physical body, subconscious mind is higher up, and the mass collective unconscious mind where alot of readings are done, the super conscious is the connection into the mind or energy of source/god.

The mass unconsciousness is nothing to do with your mind, it is a collective, of thoughts of the mass of humans on this earth.

I give this information because if you are going to give readings, do energy work, intuitive work, this is the some of the information you need to give the best readings, or healings for the highest good of the people who come to you and trust you with their energy in any form you so choose to make your work.  Really it is service work.

Psychic Medium Work

To begin the work, you must study and practice.  You must have ethics, honesty, and integrity.  You must understand that readings, energy work, intuitive work is all multi dimensional.  You are connecting on many levels with them within their energy and your own.

Discernment if you don’t know your own energy, how will you tell the difference from yours, a spirit, an entity, a lower astral thought form, or an angel, a teacher, a master.

I suggest for young psychic mediums to live life, enjoy life, have fun, study, love, try life out, experience things.  Live your life.

study yes….but don’t put too much on your plate, you want to have an experience here also as a human.

You are your own teacher, guide yourself gently, and deliberately, along the path of learning.  You will find what resonates with you, you will be guided to a person or persons who will guide you in the direction that is right for you.

But keep in mind, all this work is sacred, and it must be respected and honored, and most important is love.  Love is the center of everything, through love you will find a connection like non other that will always be true, and sincere, and never lead you astray.

with love Renee