What is that thing called Time?


This is one of those subjects that tend to baffle me.  I will try my best to express what I mean to say with words.

Definition of time: Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience.

We do need time in this experience on this planet.  This is true.  But what about time in relation to spirituality- manifesting, and in relation to past lives, and creating our own reality.

ooops there we go off the deep end into the sea of what? quantum physics?

Through my own experience talking with beings and spirits (family members my own and others) there is no time on the other side.

There is only now.  Eckhart Tolle says this is true.  That we must live in the now.  That when we do this, and accomplish this endeavor we become in touch with the divine.  Why would that be? Maybe it would be because we are not reaching, worrying or wishing for the future, and worrying, and guilting ourselves for the past.

We know about self-development and traditional “mind science and “law of attraction” philosophies and practices.  These only represent a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

This idea that creation occurs over a timeline.  This may be a thought as to why lay people’s failure when trying to prove “you create your own reality”.

Now remember that solid matter, time and space are illusions of perception.

When we do any metaphysical practice, we are really creating shifts in our consciousness, in the inner world. Not in the outer.  We are really changing what we perceive.  So, called true meta-physicists focus on their inner worlds only, the world out there is only a reflection of states of consciousness.

Brain science knows that our perceptions are put together in different parts of the brain, the product of electro-magnetic waves reaching our perception senses and being interpreted as a solid reality.  How they are interpreted needs to be mentioned here also.  They can be influenced deeply by our past experiences in life.

Consciousness-created reality is true, how are we creating the reality we currently live in, and that includes what we do like and what we don’t?

There is this new concept that may shock you or spin you off into the deep, and could be looked at that free-will would go bye bye.

We may not be creating anything, but just witnessing events and conditions that have always existed, since the beginning of yes -this Universe.

Does that mean it takes away our free will and we are left with a predestined or pre-created reality without much choice?

What if the this already created universe contained each possibility and probability imaginable. There then could be free-will to choose from an infinite number of choices.

So here is the clincher:  It may be that each and every experience that happens to you in the present moment is just a reminder of which past and which future you’re focusing on. Past and futures that contain of infinite variations to choose from.

Where the past, future and the eternal now merge together.  Probabilities and possibilities together.

What if they all exist together, simultaneously at different frequency ranges and or dimensions.  Maybe you can remember a past as it is unfolding in a different frequency.

Now here it gets confusing

If you can visualize a specific future, you do it because it may be an even happening at a certain frequency somewhere in time and space and this future is communicating it existence to you, as a possibility in your life.

If you can remember a different past, you may be accessing a past that that you haven’t actualized at the now moment, but which is as valid as the past you think was real.

Deep breath…hahahhhaha

The now or the present moment could be simply a range of perceptual frequencies you experience out of infinite possibilities.  Like turning the channel on the t.v. to a new set of possibilities.

We are always at the point of the eternal now, choosing consciously or not, which parallel past or parallel future we want to tune into.

Interesting isn’t it, this is just a different way of looking at what we have been taught.

Just something to ponder about time.

With love Renee






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