What to do when readings just don’t make sense


When you book an appointment with a psychic medium some of things you need  do beforehand include:

  • References from friends, colleagues, and websites.
  • Their reading policies
  • What happens when you cancel or can’t make the appointment
  • What happens if the psychic medium cannot connect to your loved one or not the love one you want.
  • If nothing makes sense
  • If nothing resonates what happens?

Every now and then I get comments about other practitioners.  Clients were not happy with the reading, they paid too much, and didn’t get anything and nothing made sense.

I strongly recommend everyone to ask before booking the reading, what happens when it doesn’t resonate at all?  Would there be a partial refund or a full refund or no refund.

Just because a Psychic Medium charges big bucks doesn’t mean they are the cream of the crop or best.  Bob Olsen has a great article about this here is the link: http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/news/Why-Do-Some-Psychic-Mediums-Charge-So-Much-n12.html

The truth is some readers are fantastic, and charge a lot some that are fantastic do not charge a lot, and there is everything in between.

There are many circumstances where readings just don’t work out.

  • You may have expectations (usually can be a barrier) try to be open, to whom ever comes through. This is the spirit realm for your highest good.  Try to be open to spirit coming through.  The one you want to talk to maybe next to connect or it could not.
  • You want the one loved one, to come through, not uncle joe. But Uncle Joe is so thrilled to come through.  Remember there is no control over spirit, they do and say what they want when they want.
  • The medium is having a bad day. Bummer but true, just before the reading she got a call that disturbs the energy, and that’s when they need to be honest and say today is not working out, can we reschedule or would you like a refund.
  • Just cannot connect. Plain and simple.  Not happening.  Reader must be honest and say I am getting nothing.

As you can see there are so many variables.  Working with spirit is amazing, and one of the closest contacts you can have with spirit and clients.  The truth is we are not perfect.  Sometimes we just can’t connect and that is normal.

As in a reading I did lately where nothing made sense.  Having a hard time connecting sometimes outta the blue is normal.  I stopped the reading, and said we can either reschedule and try another day or give a full refund.  But I do this in the first 10 min of the reading.  Usually I know before the reading how it’s going to go, I am already connecting.

There are times when I get on the phone or skype and I look at them, and feel them, and I can’t see anything.  This happens.

There are so many new young mediums who are amazing, and they feel bad because not every reading is 100%.  This disturbs me.  This is not t.v. this is real reading.  We don’t cut the bad parts out.  We don’t edit, we don’t make it all pretty and perfect.  It is what it is.

I also have experienced readings where I told them things and it all made sense and they recognized their loved one, but then well, I wanted to see them.  Sometimes clients can, but most cannot.  Clients can get frustrated with this, usually they can feel them with help from me and asking the loved one to touch or connect at the heart with them.  Some people can feel the energy.  Some can’t.

If your angry, and still in a lot of pain at the death of a loved one, you may need to wait a while.  Who isn’t suffering when someone you love dies?  Spirit knows when the time is right to connect to a medium.

The truth is from my place of being, I am here to serve.  We are not all perfect like t.v. its ok to be wrong, and its ok not to get all right.  As a medium you must care, and be centered in love, but not ego, so that means that you are not perfect, and not always right.  The duty is to tell the client this.

with love Renee








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