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Spiritual Empowerment



I can’t go in that store.  Just can’t do it.  As a professional psychic medium with a lot of years of experience I have seen and heard many cases of this.  Some of it is grounded in truth, and some  grounded in an excuse to not deal with it.

What is it? Energy.  Who deals with all these feelings.

  • Psychics
  • Mediums
  • Empaths
  • Healers
  • Sensitives
  • Intuitive’s
  • Spirit communicators


What they all have in common is they are sensitive to energy.  Energy is everywhere.  Not only is it everywhere it is also multi-dimensional.  Those energies can be vibrating on many different levels and dimensions.   Depending on the level of their seeing, feeling abilities, they could see it in just that way or feel it just that way.  Waves of energy, some happy, some sad, some mad, and everything in between.  Seeing different colors, different scenes from different dimensions, dead people, alive people, animals, places, things.  I think you get it-it can be over whelming.

I truly believe some people who are suffering from panic disorders, bi polar, and depression, insomnia (which can trigger panic attacks) are sensitive to energy.  They are sensing it.

Feeling it.  Living with it.

Even the famous medium Theresa Caputo suffered from and still does, from panic attacks.  She found out eventually it was spirit as it moved closer trying to communicate.

My experience in beginning, I would feel spirit get closer to me, and as it would I would have a physical reaction, my body would flush, shaking, sweating, and start to breathe faster (hyperventilate) even my heart would beat irregular. This was a physical experience the mental experience would be a racing mind, because I was hyperventilating.

Another part of experiencing, and being sensitive.  Some people have a delayed reaction to the energy.  They absorb the energy, but do not react at the time of the energy, until it gets quiet.  Say when they are at home or its time for bed.  Then it all rushes in and batta boom panic attack.

This is a fact of life for people like us.  We are sensitive to almost everything.

How do you live like this?  You must go to the store, and to a job, or to school, on and on.

We must live in the world.  We came here in this lifetime to experience this dimension, and walk among other humans, while we maintain our balance.  This is the work that we must do, because we are driven.  Strongly driven by the soul.  To participate within the world, with all the energies, that are around.  Not to mention the earths energetic frequencies.  You must prepare.

Most people begin to work, by grounding.  Grounding connects the soul into the physical body.  It also connects the light bodies around you into the earth.

There are many ways to ground, and depending on your vibration, and what you believe in, you can find many ways to ground.

Grounding is the number one action to take.

The number two action is creating a bubble of energy around you.  I have seen this a hundred times a bubble of light for protection is the word that is used.  Really its to help to keep the other energies separate from you.

There is also something else that goes on in that energy that is everywhere.  When you have no spiritual practice for grounding and clearing and bubbling up.  You will at some time or another react to an energy, you will become afraid, or you will align with it.  This is an example:  You hear someone talking at the school campus, and they are talking about a haunting or something like this.  Well your scared of hauntings and ghosts, eeek,  you react to what was said at an emotional level, you just picked it up.  When you go home, your scared, and you just can’t shake what you heard. Every light in the house is on, you blare the t.v. because you can’t have it quiet, you might hear something.  You see what I am getting at?  It could be anything that you react to, anger, sex, or just some feeling or fear someone else has.

Clearing your energy is important.  Clearing will remove peoples thoughts, fears, anxieties, and other detrimental psychic stuff.

When I look at people sometimes there is a big ball of energy enveloped around their body, with hands, and faces and feet, and animals sticking out all around.  They need to clear.  They will feel better once they start to clear their bodies, and can feel their own energy again.

People feel “it’s just too much”.  I can’t handle living in this world and I will live like hermit.  Never going out, or if they do only for brief moments.  Limiting their experience in this world.  Some have legitimate disorders, some are just using this as a crutch.  Only because they don’t know what to do.  What if you want to live like a hermit? Perfectly fine if you’re not depressed because of it.  If you feel like you’re missing out?  Guess what? You are not going to be happy as a hermit.

I am here to tell you that you can go out into the world.  You have to take charge of your energy.  The energy is really strong at different times.   The astrological point, the mass consciousness, the micro waves, the on and on and on.

Let’s look at ways to clear.

Sage is a way to clear an area, home, apartment, car and even yourself.  As most of you know sage has been used for centuries.

The ritual burning of herbs and herbal resins is common to many cultures in the world. From the rich frankincense of the Church and the Middle Eastern bazaar, to the heady incenses of Asia, to the raw energy of brush burning in many native cultures—the purification of space through this modality is a global phenomenon and one you can benefit from highly.

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognized form of it today, it has nevertheless been a shared practice in other cultures too.

From the ancient Celtic druids who used sage as a sacred herb alongside Oak Moss for burning as well as medicinal purposes, to the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon whose Palo Santo (sacred wood) sage burning ceremonies are still practiced to this day.

Another great way to clear for some people is to go into water and swim, others just look at the water and it starts to lift and they can feel it.

Nature go to nature.  Even if its just green grass, trees, or flowers.  Breathe in the nature.

Crystals can help also.  I suggest selenite and coveline ,dioptise, shungite and don’t forget black tourmaline.

Incense and oils, and music.

What if it still doesn’t lift?  What if you still don’t feel right, and your still not able to get out and about, and feel energy that is not yours but is around you.

Time for the heavy guns.

The etheric tornado will do the trick.  Here is the link

It is called the spiritual whirl wind.  Also, the etheric tornado.  This information is free, and you can visit the website today, and you can use it all for free.


Spiritual Empowerment

Awareness of who and what we are.  Awareness of our everyday psychological and spiritual selves.  Adjusting to learning to bring both of those into balance with one another.

Not an easy path and needs perseverance and drawing upon a variety of creative practices and intuitive skills.

Just as in learning to drive, playing a piano.  Takes practice, dedication, to discover our true selves.

You are an individualized expression of the source god, and you this is a natural part of you.  It is all that you are!!!

The golden bubble

Bubble up.  See a golden bubble, come from far above you.  The color is golden.  Its thick and protective, nothing can penetrate that bubble.  Ask your angels, soul, guides, or teachers.  Invoke the bubble every day, and ask that it keep out others energies.  Ask that everyone stay in their own energy.  Make a statement out of it. Invoke, command use your personal power.

Before you even go out of the house, before you are in your car, before you go down the road.  Get that bubble on.  Practice makes perfect.  Invoking of the golden bubble two or three times a day will get you in practice for going out into the world.

That bubble goes above your head and down around your feet.

See it and feel, make it strong, and you will feel strong.  You are a divine being on a journey, so enjoy the journey.

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Thank you for reading

With love Renee



We are light proven with science

Human and Drosophila Cryptochromes are light Activated by Flavin Photoreduction in Living Cells.  Cryptochromes are a class of flavoprotein blue-light signaling receptors found in plants, animals, and humans that control plant development and the entrainment of circadian rhythms.
Yes, we are there or here.  Light is what we are.  I was skipping across facebook when coming across a post by Cyndi Dale author of “the Subtle Body” and this really got me going sort of to say.  We are light.

As a young woman, taking biology was fascinating.  I loved and still do to this day love cells.  Amazing mighty cells.  Its like a galaxy with all the interesting different types.  Look at that cell and tell me you don’t get a charge ? well I sure do!!  There is something very energetic about cells.  All the different cells that make up our human form… what a kick, energetic that is.




I remember sitting outside in the sun looking at my skin and it would light up.  I would see the epidermis cells glisten, also seeing the rainbow of colors.  I knew the cells were alive but there was something more to it, they were expressing colors.  I felt that they were alive and animated.  It is a communication between each cell, the light and the body.  The cells of skin with its four different types, keratinocytes, melanocytes, langerhans cells, Merkel cells.

I could see past just the first layer, and it looked like almost, the chakras each little cell.  Of course, at the time I certainly did not know about all the chakras, or energy bodies around us and the light vibration within us.

The sun has always been a healing tool.  In ancient times, they would use light broken up into spectrum’s of color.

Many cultures have recognized the potential healing powers of the light and the sun. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and other major cultures made significant medical uses of light. The Egyptians are said to have built temples where color healing took place. Sunlight shone through colored gems, such as rubies and sapphires, onto people seeking healing. Rooms were constructed for disseminating the color spectrum. The sick were “color diagnosed” and then put into rooms that radiated the particular color prescribed. – See more at:

The Ancient Greeks were the first to document both the theory and practice of solar therapy. Heliopolis, the Greek city of the sun, was famous for its healing temples, in which sunlight was broken up into its spectral components (colors), and each component was used for a specific medical problem. Color, being a manifestation of light, held a therapeutic, as well as divine meaning for these historical cultures.

In researching this post.  I was astounded at all the medical teaching for nurses, about light therapy for wound healing.

Then I went back to child birth, yes-childbirth. The episiotomy I had was painful.  Most know what this is. But here you go if you don’t.

An episiotomy is a surgical cut in the muscular area between the vagina and the anus (the area called the perineum) made just before delivery to enlarge your vaginal opening.

The nurses placed a light on the incision, and the light had a filter that was green.  I still remember this, and it healed so quickly.  This was in the late 70’s.  Bending my knees with the sheet as a tent the green glow was so comforting.


We are light and we react to light.  There are many studies on light healing.

Photodynamic healing for cancer treatments here is the link

These Cryptochromes are in our blood, skin, internal organs.  They react to light. We are light

Plants also and animals use light as we know but for some this will be an eye opener, and talking about the eye we didn’t even touch on the fact of the receptors in our eyes.  Of course they are light sensitive.  Through the use of different colors of light, on the bodies or seen through the eyes, there are chemical changes in the body and it can be proven.

More and more we are seeing light therapy, with multi colors within this vibration.  These vibrations of color connect with us on many more levels that what science is discovering at this time.  Much deeper levels.

From my point of view, with the control of our own mind, and the aid of color healing and vibration, we are in charge of our own being and future, as we create it within us.  The reality of healthy future mentally and physically may be enhanced the colors around us.  What color is your room?  I know for myself-the color of my bedroom made me down and feeling drained so I painted it white, and whalla I felt better.  I had the intuition that something didn’t feel right for me.  As soon as I slapped that paint up I could feel the difference.

Of course we have heard about the hospitals and the even the prisons that have tamed the unruly and the healing in colored rooms, changed from the usual colors to more soothing colors.

Science is backing this up.  Its not considered “new age” fluff any more.  Its also confirmed within our own cells.



What is that thing called Time?

This is one of those subjects that tend to baffle me.  I will try my best to express what I mean to say with words.

Definition of time: Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience.

We do need time in this experience on this planet.  This is true.  But what about time in relation to spirituality- manifesting, and in relation to past lives, and creating our own reality.

ooops there we go off the deep end into the sea of what? quantum physics?

Through my own experience talking with beings and spirits (family members my own and others) there is no time on the other side.

There is only now.  Eckhart Tolle says this is true.  That we must live in the now.  That when we do this, and accomplish this endeavor we become in touch with the divine.  Why would that be? Maybe it would be because we are not reaching, worrying or wishing for the future, and worrying, and guilting ourselves for the past.

We know about self-development and traditional “mind science and “law of attraction” philosophies and practices.  These only represent a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

This idea that creation occurs over a timeline.  This may be a thought as to why lay people’s failure when trying to prove “you create your own reality”.

Now remember that solid matter, time and space are illusions of perception.

When we do any metaphysical practice, we are really creating shifts in our consciousness, in the inner world. Not in the outer.  We are really changing what we perceive.  So, called true meta-physicists focus on their inner worlds only, the world out there is only a reflection of states of consciousness.

Brain science knows that our perceptions are put together in different parts of the brain, the product of electro-magnetic waves reaching our perception senses and being interpreted as a solid reality.  How they are interpreted needs to be mentioned here also.  They can be influenced deeply by our past experiences in life.

Consciousness-created reality is true, how are we creating the reality we currently live in, and that includes what we do like and what we don’t?

There is this new concept that may shock you or spin you off into the deep, and could be looked at that free-will would go bye bye.

We may not be creating anything, but just witnessing events and conditions that have always existed, since the beginning of yes -this Universe.

Does that mean it takes away our free will and we are left with a predestined or pre-created reality without much choice?

What if the this already created universe contained each possibility and probability imaginable. There then could be free-will to choose from an infinite number of choices.

So here is the clincher:  It may be that each and every experience that happens to you in the present moment is just a reminder of which past and which future you’re focusing on. Past and futures that contain of infinite variations to choose from.

Where the past, future and the eternal now merge together.  Probabilities and possibilities together.

What if they all exist together, simultaneously at different frequency ranges and or dimensions.  Maybe you can remember a past as it is unfolding in a different frequency.

Now here it gets confusing

If you can visualize a specific future, you do it because it may be an even happening at a certain frequency somewhere in time and space and this future is communicating it existence to you, as a possibility in your life.

If you can remember a different past, you may be accessing a past that that you haven’t actualized at the now moment, but which is as valid as the past you think was real.

Deep breath…hahahhhaha

The now or the present moment could be simply a range of perceptual frequencies you experience out of infinite possibilities.  Like turning the channel on the t.v. to a new set of possibilities.

We are always at the point of the eternal now, choosing consciously or not, which parallel past or parallel future we want to tune into.

Interesting isn’t it, this is just a different way of looking at what we have been taught.

Just something to ponder about time.

With love Renee






My Memoir – The first years

When I was a little girl there were many moments that I can remember. We lived in Fremont, Ca – it was country then, and even though the house we were in was a new house, it had all sorts of mysterious things going on.

At night the doors would open and close, the faucets would go on and off, and you could hear people walking upstairs… Then there was me..

At the time I am a little girl about 4 or 5 and I just wanted to “go home” badly. My mom would find me crying in my room, and ask what was the matter. I would cry “I want to go home,” She would hold me and caress me, trying to comfort me, but to no avail. Finally started saying to me “You are here now, and this is your home.”   Well I finally did get over the wanting to go home, somewhat, but all through my life I have felt this way, like I was just visiting, not feeling really content or at home.

As I got a little older.(.my poor mom,) I said I wanted to be a nun, and my mom said “What? A nun… why?” I said “because that’s what I am.”  My family was not religious, we never went to church, or even talked about stuff like that. Never a word about God, or anything like that.  I just knew I wanted to be a nun, to serve, and my mom asked “to serve who? you’re just a little girl.” “To serve God,” I replied.  She just stood there staring at me…then yelled “Arnold, that’s my father…there is something wrong with Renee…she wants to be a nun…lol oh dear…. that is so funny.” I truly did, I used to see myself in a habit, walking with children, singing to them. Often I would see this as a little girl, and it was such a happy Time-I just knew that it was what I was going to do because I thought ‘well, it just made sense to me at that age.

The reason why that particular past life was so strong I think was that one of my most favorite lifetimes:  a nun, with the black and white habit, from what I can tell the church looks Spanish, could even be Mexico, all wood, and beautiful, with stained glass, wood floors. The scent was just gorgeous, and all the beautiful children like an orphanage, we had so much fun together. I loved being a nun, and serving in this way the source of all that is.  I also remember I was older when I died, and in a wooden coffin, and the children were peering in at me as I lay there.  I was watching them from above, some of them on their tippy toes looking in.  I wanted to marry Jesus, I actually think I was married to Jesus, how could a child even know about marriage.  But I did

But only to god.  Particularly Jesus.

In regards to all the activity in the house, the land was Indian land at one time, and of course there were spirits there. I use to go into the orchard, and run and play with them, the orchard to me was a magical place where I could run away from the violence at home that was impossible to handle as a small girl.

My father was abusive, and my mother was passive. They married when my mom was just 17. I cannot say that what was happening at home did not serve me in some way by teaching me great lessons of forgiveness and inner strength.  I know this now but as a little girl it was tough, and I was confused.  I often thought I didn’t belong here, and it seemed as I grew that only became more clear, as the abuse within the family was recognized.

So here I was, a little girl running around the house, and I happened to meet this man that was dressed funny, and had big eyes who would play with me at night. He would open the doors in the house, flush the toilet, slam the doors, make faces at my dad that I knew my dad could not see.  Sometimes he got me into trouble, telling me to say something bad that would make my dad spank me.  To me this man was more like a kid than a man, and as I grew, I learned more about him.


As I grew older everything would look different, at night when children should be  asleep the show would start: airplanes flying through the room, ribbons of color, and faces, some beautiful, some scary, I would cover my head to try and make it stop and when I did the monkeys would start to jump on my bed, the two monkeys who were chimps, one boy and one girl and both feisty and playful.  Many a time my dad would come into my room because I was playing with the monkeys and making too much noise. At first they scared me and I would scream “the monkeys, the monkeys won’t let me go to sleep!”  Then I got used to them, and still to this day they are here.


At the same time there were elephants, and a lion, and strange people too!!  The stars would come out in my room at night, and I would lay quiet, watching things move around my room.  Shortly after I started to feel pressure on my body, like someone was putting a board on my body and pressing down, causing me to be immobile. I would scream, and mom would come in to calm me down by rubbing my back. The pressure would stop then, but yet it would happen again and again.  I realized that was in fact spirits and energy which was coming to me more and more.


They would call my name, and I would see relatives that I did not know including Uncle Otto, and his brother, (one of my mother’s uncles,) They would appear suddenly and just kind of looked at me.  I would tell my mother their names and she would say “oh, that’s your great uncle…he is just saying hi.”   I saw people with long robes, and men in turbans, and hear words spoken, names and numbers, too. Still to this day, a lot has slowed down but a lot has not.  As you may know.

with love Renee




The Spiritual Teacher

This time of growth energetically and on the planet, is much different than it was.  We were all looking for a guru, and we have all sat in ashram’s starring at our belly buttons for decades, and lifetimes.  With the growth of the planet, and the light anchored here, it became perfectly clear that we were no longer going to be hidden out in monasteries, ashrams, and other holy spiritual places.  We are right here among all the people.  We are experiencing right along with the people. The up’s and down’s, rights and wrongs along the path.  The right and wrong is only here.  Duality.   We all share our light, energy.  Whether you are aware of it or not, it is happening.  Those of you with inner seeing know this.  You can watch it happen.  The spiritual teacher too, shares the energy and light from their own being to the earth.  This is a sign of a spiritual teacher.  Sharing of this light makes easier for others to be in their light.  Igniting the popping effect of light.  This can and does affect the earth, people, and all the inhabitants of the earth.


There is an important message in this way of being.  How to manage and to understand the energy flows, and what is happening to the planet and ourselves at the same time.  Maintaining and balancing our field of energy, clearing and preparing to face what needs to be faced every day.  Just being human, and walking in and speaking through a body is hard enough.  At times a true joy and at others a real struggle.  As we stumble along in the early part of our experience, it does seem that beings that chose to come here and experience have chosen a difficult beginning.  The first part of this as a child.  If we really look, later as we age, we can begin to see the real reasons why.  To help others with the experience that we drudged through, rose out of, left behind.  I am not saying by any means that is easy, it’s not meant to be.  It is hard labor to birth yourself from a past that was so emotionally destructive.  But you’re going to be a spiritual teacher and you need to have some experience in pain and love.


I believe a spiritual teacher should be older, maybe I am biased or practice ageism.  There is a depth that is learned over time, deep lessons that have brought you to the brink of the edge, and you found what you needed to bring you back.  There is a maturity there, and there is knowledge, not from going to college but from reading, and studying esoteric and spiritual philosophies.  Not because of course material, but because you wanted too.  You needed and wanted to learn and grow.


Connections from the other side called you, taught you, loved you.  There you learn unconditional love.  The arms of love, the wings of growth within your own god presence wrapped around you, and showed you the way.    Through infinite love, because you felt it, and saw it, and knew it.  You were prepared by the beings in different dimensions, and learned different communications.  This all lead to the depth of the teacher.


The ego lessons are strong valuable lesson to the spiritual teacher.  These lessons make you look directly at that side of yourself, that needs to be in front, that needs to be right, that needs.  The two sides of the ego, the feeding of the ego, learning to deal with that ego, and then loving past it, because you realize it does not serve you on the path that you are on.  Realizing that path is constantly changing.


The spiritual teacher must constantly monitor their outer self, it is the thoughts of anger, hate, selfishness, criticism, that can enter, and those must be transmuted, and let go.  The teacher is the student again and again.  But with the inner guidance, the inner teacher.


There are no guru’s.  I ask no one to follow me.  I ask them to find their own power, and to make their own decisions.  I only point the way, and give advice and tools.


The spiritual teacher is human here on this planet but, must always be professional, showing that they are kind, patient, and giving.  You will know when you meet a spiritual teacher that is right for you, you will feel it.  They will speak to you without ever saying a human word.  They will never tell you there is only one way, they will tell you there are many ways, to one outcome.  To become one with the light of all that is.

Teachers come in many forms, you must be open for those forms.  Animals, nature, the wind, the sun, stars, the mountains, can all speak truths to us.  We must listen.  You must be open to listen.


The spiritual teacher is an example, and is a deeply spiritual being.  Whom is guiding and loving, firm, and patient.  Full of the wonder of spirituality and love.

You can find that spiritual teacher within you.  It lays waiting in your heart, to wake up and roar within you.

You will know

Your soul encourages you to open the door to meet your own spiritual teacher, to be brave to put your hand on the door and push it open.

This is a journey of a lifetime.  It is a journey of love, forgiveness, and bliss.

You are your own guru.

thank you

with love







The purple Positive Energy Plates



PHONE ORDERS 1-860-830-9069


In the process of making the plates the atoms and electrons of the aluminum have been altered so that they are in tune with the basic energy of the Universe- what Tesla called “free energy.” They create a field of positive energy around them that will penetrate any material. The plates help raise the vibration rate of anyone using them. Computer generated auras will show dramatic changes when a person is handed a purple plate.

Some body balancing effects of the plates reported are the lowering of stress and fatigue. There are endless uses discovered by users of the plates. Some personal uses I found are helping with nausea, stomach pains, cramps, weakness, headaches, eye strain and improving my drinking water. Burns, cuts, aches and pains involve a sudden change in the normal vibration rate of the tissue- the theory is that the energy from the plates helps to accelerate the healing and return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration.

Wholistic health practitioners such as Reiki, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, as well as Chiropractors and conventional physicians incorporate the plates in their work. Some people meditate on a large plate. Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums and Channelers claim their abilities are enhanced when using the purple plates.

Joshua Stone, renowned author of Beyond Ascension and many other books, says: “I put a large Purple Plate under my drinking water stand and use the plate to energize the crystal I keep in my water jug. I store my homeopathic remedies on one. I also have a plate on which I have placed a picture of myself. The picture is energized and cleared and has a radionic effect on my body. A friend put them in the walls of the house she was having built. I do not own stock in the company, nor do I know the person who invented them. I am just very excited about all the ways this Purple Energy Plate can be used. How can you afford not to get one?” Even plates that are more than 35 years old seem to be working as effectively as ever!

First created in 1971 by scientist Ralph Bergstresser who had worked with Nikola Tesla on the theory of “Free Energy. ” Tesla, perhaps the most inventive genius of the 20th Century, is responsible for many of the modern conveniences we have come to know including the Radio, Cryogenic engineering, energy transmission to satellites, electrotherapeautics, Ultra Violet Lighting, The AC Current, X-Rays, The Tesla Coil (used in every radio and TV set) and laid the foundation for what would become Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or the MRI. There are countless other Tesla inventions.


Many people use the large plates in their refrigerators to enhance flavor and freshness. By placing a glass of water on a small purple plate for approximately 5 minutes, you in- duce the high spiritual vibration of the seventh color ray (violet.) Violet is also the color of the flame of Saint Germain, and corresponds with the 7th energy center in our bodies, also known as the crown chakra. Some people sleep with a plate beneath their pillow to ensure restfulness, even when one has only slept a short time. Others cannot sleep with the plates nearby, as they will remain awake. Wearing a small plate will cause most people to feel an increase in energy. Others find the best results wearing them for short- er periods of time, perhaps 30 minutes or an hour each day. The time spent wearing one all depends on the person and experimenting with the plates will let you know how much your particular chemistry is influenced by them. My own experience with purple plates, for the past 2 and a half years, has been an adventure to be sure. I regularly place all my drinking water on the plates and find that when I drink this water I am noticeably more energetic and less fatigued. However when I tried to sleep with a small purple plate under my pillow I suffered insomnia. I also tested placing inexpensive wine on the plate after reading that it would much improve the taste, and was nothing less than amazed by the results. Strangely though, others claim that it will turn quality wine to vinegar, and a mixed drink, such as vodka and soda, to mere water.

When I first read about purple plates in Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book, I was hesitant to believe in the seemingly miraculous properties of these bright, strange looking plates, but I was extremely curious to see if they did in fact influence all she claimed they would. Goodman mentions that strangely the person who created the plates with Nikola Tesla preferred to remain anonymous. However, after the inventor’s death the company which produced the plates decided to give him due credit. The inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, was born in 1912 in Pueblo, Colorado of German parents who immigrated to the United States.

He was extremely interested in free energy, or Zero Point Enery as it is now called in scientific circles. Bergstresser carefully studied anything written about Nikola Tesla’s experiments, and attended many lectures given by Tesla. At one point they were intro- duced, and quickly became friends due to like interest in free energy. Over the course of the next 20 years until Tesla’s death they had numerous conversations on the process of tapping free energy. After Tesla’s death Bergstresser was able to discover the secret of altering the aluminum in the Positive Enery Plates from clues and notations in Tesla’s notebooks. Also instrumental in leading Bergstresser to the discovery of healing energy was an incident which took place while he was a guest of a maharaja in India some 50 years ago.

Wrote Bergstresser; “The maharaja had an 8 month old son that was very sick. I asked if he was going to get a doctor. He said ‘no, we have sent a man to obtain some holy water from the Ganges River.’ In 3 days, the man came back with one gallon of water. They fed the water to the sick child and…and like magic, the child was healed and back to normal. To me, a miracle is an inability to understand a scientific fact. How could the water cure the child? That was the problem. It was this incident that triggered my curious mind to find the answer and this led me into the present knowledge. ”

He goes on to explain why the water of the Ganges purportedly has the power to heal. ” For thousands of years the native population of India have used the water from the Ganges for healing. Gallon jugs of this water from the Ganges have been stored for over half a century at thw University of Calcutta, and are still completely free if bacteria. What causes the water to have such fantastic healing powers? A tributary of water, that event- ually finds its way into the Ganges River, originates and begins its long journey from high into the Himalayan Mountains. It is there, high in the mountains where the atmosphere is clear and clean, that nature begins the natural process of creating special water. This process starts when the mountain and its snow cover is bombarded by the higher energies of the Universe: known as cosmic energy. This bombardment by cosmic 4th dimensional energy alters the atomic and molecular structure of the rocks and granite that constitute these magnificent mountains, and in turn, changes the chemistry of the snow and water as it flows over them and down to the lowlands. This chemistry change is adding the Life Force Energy to the water. It is the Life Force Energy, which has now become an intricate part of the water, that produces the healing miracles of the Ganges River. The key to this phenomenon is now known and utilized to produce the energy plates and products.”

Bergstresser, who was also the author of a handful of metaphysical books, died in 1998 at the age of 86.

Perhaps most curious to me in Linda Goodman’s description of the plates were the para- graphs concerning the influencing of persons with the plates. Within the more than dozen pages pertaining to Purple Plates in her book, Goodman writes that the plates possess the power to influence a person through the use of a photograph placed face down on the surface. She uses the example of a friend’s husband who was an alcoholic prone to negative behaviour, and who was badly in need of positivity. Soon after using the husband’s photograph on the purple plate, he began a recovery which included sobriety and hopefulness. However, Good- man, as well as others, warn that leaving a photograph on the plate for any more than 15 minutes to a half hour at a time can cause nervousness or anxiety in some people. She also warns that attempting to influence a person in a negative fashion will not work.

There are many uses for the purple plates. Here are only a few suggestions. With continued personal use you’ll discover countless others.

1. Place a small sized plate in a pocket or purse for more energy. (No body contact is necessary.

2. Place large plate in refrigerator (center shelf is best.) Food, with the exception of fresh meat and fish, will stay fresh longer.

3. Place beneath sick house plants, or water sick plants with water which has been placed on plate overnight.

4. Place small plate in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.

5. To energize crystals, place on purple plate for 12 hours.

6. Use the plate on injured area of any living thing.

7. Travellers can carry a small plate to energize their drinking water and eliminate illness and stomach upsets.

8. Small plate placed on forehead to alleviate headache pain, on joints to alleviate gout and arthritis pain, on stomach to stop nausea.

9. Placed on forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams. Also place on forehead to promote deeper meditation.

I have also read testimonials from plate users who claim they help with cramps, headaches, stomach upsets, stiff joints, torticollis, swelling, ringworm, “clicking” jaw, alcoholism, anxiety, colic and depression.


NOTE: Unit Not Intended For Medical Purposes – The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits manufacturers of instruments from making health or therapeutic claims for effects relating to the physical or mental illness being currently treated by members of the medical profession and/or other licensed practitioners unless said instruments have been registered by the FDA.


It’s not surprising that the complex genius of Nikola Tesla would influence a “free energy” device. Tesla, born in 1856 in the village of Smiljan, province of Lika (Austria- Hungary) was an eccentric but highly intelligent inventor. He created many of our modern day conveniences, including the AC, or alternating current (the basis of almost every electrical device), X-rays, flourescent lighting, the induction motor (which utilized his rotating magnetic field principle) and terrestial stationary waves, which he regarded as his most important discovery. By this discovery he proved that the earth could be used as a conductor and would be re- sponsive as a tuning fork to electrical vibrations of a certain pitch. At one time he was certain he had received signals from another planet in his Colorado laboratory, a claim that was met with derision in some scientific journals. The Tesla coil, which he invented in 1891, is widely used today in radio and television sets and other electronic equipment for wireless communication. It is also now known that Tesla’s radio patents predated those of the credited inventor, Gugleo Marconi. Tesla’s theories were met with increasing criticism, especially after his claims that he could split the earth like an apple, and that he had invented a death ray capable of destroying 10,000 airplanes from 250 miles away. Due to lack of funds (perhaps because of his seemingly odd personality traits which included a progressive germ phobia) most of his ideas remained in his notebooks, which are still studied by engineers today.

Tesla died in New York City on January 7th, 1943, the holder of more than 700 patents. The Custodian of Alien Property impounded his trunks, which contained his letters and laboratory notes. Eventually these were inherited by Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovich, and later installed in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

The incredible life work of Tesla lends much credence to the faith in the Purple Plate’s healing properties. Although the exact process of creating these plates seems to be kept confidential by the makers of them, I have personally found them to be a remarkable tool for well being.

Corrine De Winter from FATE Magazine



This day I bring to you the vision of Melchizedek.  The light was so bright, this caught my attention.  My heart started to race, and my breathing slowed.  As the vision was stronger and stronger.  The light changed in the room and I clearly saw a man with layers of colors with a giant light above his head.  There were also layers of circles that encompassed his body, circles that filtered out and out.   Trying not to react, and just to be, as I watched.  The main color was white light, and then a pink.  He smiled at me, stood off to the side, and with his arm invited me to walk, as he moved the light never left him.  It was part of him and this light was alive.  I did hear whispers, and some singing.  We entered a dark place, and as I moved through without fear, I was there.  No longer secured to the bed, no longer being held by the earth.


As of late I have been studying the Emerald Tablets, and in the emerald tablets a name was mention Melchizedek.  According to Thoth from the the emerald tablets, Melchizedek is two entities.   One that embodies the soul aspect, one the universal aspect beyond the energy of what we know, beyond our understanding. Who was ensouled illuminated  entity.  Then Thoth claims to be Melchizedek in one of his incarnations.

Apparently Lord Melchizedek came from Orion and through the portal of Venus to Ancient Lemuria.  He brought with him the Archangel Crystal which is the “Philosophers stone” or also called the “Emerald Tablets”.

Interesting ?  Yes it is.

At this point, you can see the connection, and why I would have a encounter with Melchizedek.  You can also make the connection to calling to Thoth, by his sacred named three times (thrice) as given in the book.  No the name is not Melchizedek.  You will have to study the tablets to get  the point of your own growth.

Earlier I was asking to see Thoth, and well, he showed himself.  As his incarnation Melchizedek.  As his arm was out beckoning me to follow, we entered as I said a dark place that turned into a cave.  As he walked his light so brilliant showed the way.  He showed a cave, and in the cave was a chair of stone.  I could see the detail, and I fixated on the chair, at that moment a person/human came and sat in the chair.

He became illuminated  as much as I could tell, he lit up.  He had visions, and he began to use the light.  Melchizedek looked at me, and smiled.

As some of you might remember I had the vision of the gold tablets within the cave.  But, they were protected by a male lion, that roared as I got close.  When Melchizedek looked and smiled he then showed me a lion, and the lion, morphed into a kitten.  He then held his arm out again to sit in the seat.  I could see the dirt beneath my bare feet and I felt it, I could feel the coolness within the cave.  I did not sit in the seat,

I was staring at everything.  Mesmerized by the whole encounter.  Then it was all gone.  Poof in an instant.

Being left with my heart and thoughts, and some work to do.  Back in my bed, in my room, in my house, solid again.

Now it is time for study.  To research. To meditate to connect.  The realization that I received exactly, what I asked for is to enough to bring me

to my knees in gratitude and  love.  This is also a call to work.  All done in love, through the love, comes the wisdom and then the power.

Not the kind of power to manipulate, the power of love.

see you soon

reneewhatupdog save for other projectswith love Renee



The Mighty Pineal gland

The pineal gland.  What a little gland it is.  What a funny little gland, with all this extreme power that it has.  The pineal gland is located here.


Located deep in the center of the brain, the pineal gland was once known as the “third eye.” The pineal gland produces melatonin, which helps maintain circadian rhythm and regulate reproductive hormones.


The pineal gland, has been considered the most powerful and the highest source of ethereal energy available.  The pineal gland has a spiritual role, that has transcended pretty much the facts of the hormonal role.  I feel this also is important, because we are hormones.

This tiny little gland can and does initiate psychic powers, clairvoyance and seeing colors of the aura.  But there is a catch

The pituitary gland work and vibrate together.  Speaking for myself I have always worked with both the pituitary and the pineal gland.

I do feel or it’s my opinion that you can wake both those babies up, with meditation, and spiritual work.  I also feel that they wake up naturally.

Also called the “the mind’s eye” or “the spiritual eye”

Through the awakening of the pineal gland we awake to consciousness.  We are seeing right now a mass awakening

History of the pineal gland is literally throughout time.  Many cultures talk, and teach the awakening of the little gland.

Often shown as a pine cone in literature, and in religious books, eastern.  Around the world, and throughout the ages we see many other pine cone references and symbology.



The pineal gland has been represented in ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian artifacts and paintings.


The wise ones always knew.  Even Cleopatra knew that the pineal gland was important.  There is a legend that she placed a magnet on her third eye, to stimulate the pituitary to restore her youthful beauty.  She didn’t know that she was stimulating also the pineal gland.


The pineal gland is the true master gland.  As noted, it is situated between the two eyes.  It is the organ of clairvoyance, and the eye of Ra in Egyptian traditions.

In a study the pineal gland was found to react to light, and somehow could sense changes outside the body.  At this point you must make mention that the pineal does regulate melatonin, also works with serotonin.  The interesting part also is that in our body we naturally produce melatonin, as we age it is produced less, as it starts to get dark melatonin is really starting to kick in and we get sleepy but as we sleep through the night about 3:00 am or so it stops producing.  This in fact is the reason a lot of people wake up around 3:00 am.  Your melatonin is slowing down and you are starting to wake up.

This is natural as a process.  As we age this is really influenced by the less produced.

The pineal gland was found to have rods and cones just like an eye does.  AMAZING? Yes, it is.

The secret doctrine, spiritual and psychic involution coincides with physical evolution.  What madam Blavatsky was saying is we follow the spiritual growth with our physical bodies, in evolution of the race on the planet.

Buddha and Jesus all made statements about the third eye.

Jesus said “if thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”

Buddha and the Buddha nature, we have see it through a different eye, through a different perspective.

clouds2_2LXW4DTNPMy own experience:

As everyone knows about me I have vivid visions while awake.  I use the language of light, with the purple clouds.  They are at times a deep purple or light purple.  I also have a terrible time falling asleep at times.  I sometimes take melatonin to sleep.  When I do I can bet every single time, I have an explosion of purple clouds, and energy.  The visions are so fast and strong.  Why this sudden surge of purple energy, it has to with the pineal gland.  In essence it is my own experiment! When I take the melatonin within minutes the purple starts and it is super charged, it does after a while slow down enough for me to sleep.  There is a big reaction to the pineal and seeing.

Did you know the pineal gland generates its own magnetic field?  The pineal contains magnetite.  This magnetite reacts with the earth’s magnetic field.

The pineal gland also is sensitive to fluoride, and can actually slow down and fog the poor little gland.

You can detox and you should read about and look that up if you’re interested.

The pineal gland is our personal portal.  There are micro crystals in the pineal gland. Calcite, is there with a liquid light like substance.  This is kind of like a crystal radio, and we can connect with all parts of ourselves in different dimensions.

This of course is connected to the mind and the thoughts that we have, the mighty pineal wants to connect to the higher but you must watch your thoughts, not brief thoughts but obsessive thoughts.  You can go either way with your own portal known as the pineal gland.

with love Renee

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Inner guidance

Welcome to teaching Tuesday

  • How do we start to listen
  • Following your inner guidance

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness”

Shakti Gawain

  • Moves us towards love-for ourselves and others
  • It ultimately brings enjoyment.
  • There is no sinking feeling that something is wrong
  • The body unclenches
  • There is a sense of clarity, excitement, and or excitement, or relief, and undeniable knowing.
  • Your inner guidance is never ending and always there

Inner guidance is always present, the voice of this guidance may be quiet , but it is always present, guiding us to navigate the river of our lives with perfect intelligence.

Are we listening or is the inner cacophony too deafening to hear?

What makes us turn away:

  • It is not a voice in our heads telling us what we should or shouldn’t do.
  • It is not a story justifying our actions.
  • It may not look logical.
  • It is not what we are propelled to do out of fear
  • Or out of neediness
  • It cannot be discerned when are clouded by strong emotions.

where is the room in our crowded entangled minds

When our internal experience is crowded with stories, opinions, doubt, justifications, fear and other emotions we aren’t quiet enough to allow the truth to be heard.  This is where we run into trouble.

If we make decisions by listening to the noise and not the silence these decisions come from fear and unconsciousness.  We suffer the consequences.

The pull of noise can be very strong

So strong that we don’t even consider stopping, pausing, or inquiring into what is the best or right.  We blindly choose, or we opt for what seems the logical or appropriate.

We take the path that fits our ideas of how things are supposed to be.  We are swayed by intense emotions.

We ignore the gentle tap on the shoulder that could show us the way

  • “nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself”
  • Start small
  • Fine tune
  • Benchmark your “yes”
  • Benchmark your “no”
  • Practice
  • Trust
  • Live it in the moment

Clues of communication

  • Physical sensations
  • This decision is physically telling you, with your stomach, your skin, your heart.

Feeling sick to your stomach with a decision?

Your skin is crawling?

Your skin hurts

Your heart sinks, literally feels like your heart is sinking or drops

Be quiet

Focus, ask, and tune in

Listen and receive

  • Quiet
  • Be quiet, have the environment quiet. If your mind will not stop ask it to stop, ask it to come to a focus of quiet (this takes practice)
  • Less stimulants – caffeine, prescription drugs, t.v., radio, people.
  • Meditation
  • Ask emotions to leave, and to quiet (takes practice) if you have just had a big fight with someone, its going to be tough to ask your mind to mellow out, so do this when you are not charged or reacting to emotion.
  • Ground and ground and ground – the connection to the earth helps, and will start to soothe you. Grounding soothes the beast
  • Focus gently, ask quietly, tune in to yourself, your body, and listen. Takes time doesn’t happen right away.  You have been ignoring this for so long, and now you are opening it, takes time to open.
  • You may not get anything right at first, keep asking guidance is on the way, but it has to find the best way for you to get it.


You have to make an effort, and this practice is daily, keep asking, keep striving.


Staying open to your inner guidance

  • Plug in daily- meditate just for a minute and batta bing you will be back to the zone of peaceful, stillness inside where you can listen.
  • Journaling – write down your thoughts and feelings, dump them on paper and out of your head. This allows a clearer stream of inspiration.
  • paint, create, exercise this helps to stay in the now, instead of thinking of the past or the future. You are here now
  • Shower or bathe water is good, swim, helps clear the energy, and get rid of mind bombs and debri.
  • tools = crystals, oils, incense, an object a flower, circle, picture.
  • Spiritual books can boost you too, help to get you in that zone, remember they also have a vibration.
  • Divination tools
  • Many different forms
  • How you feel about yourself

has a lot to do with communication skills to your soul/higher self.

For the internal guidance you really must love the person who is looking upward to the soul for help, for that inner advice.

If you are not at a place of love and acceptance of yourself, your inner guidance will see this as a disconnect.  Must have acceptance of who you are.

If you are angry and mad, well that is not the right time to listen to your internal guidance, if you hear anything it will be to calm down.

Remember that communication to your higher self/soul is sacred, and valued.

The more grounding, harmony,clarity,connecting, centering work you do, the more you will find a channel to your inner self.  That has always been there waiting for you to ask. It is the your holy god self, waiting silently with in you.

What is connecting?


  • connecting
  • Is the activity of becoming connected to your higher being and remaining connected through your 3rd dimensional self.
  • It is the power aspect so you understand that your being is part of your god light.
  • You are not meant to use your life force when you are working with spiritual energy you are meant to connect into your light source and use the limitless light of universal substance.


crown infinity pattern

  • Crown infinity pattern you can use your fingertips or you can use your energy as it moves through you once you are grounded, and centered.  Esoteric energy healing, with just looking at the points and using energy to touch into each point.

Crown infinity pattern, helps with the pineal gland in this pattern on top of the head and is working with the pituitary gland in harmony.

  • It is a pattern of light, that initiates an opening with in the chakra.
  • This is the beginning of self realization

This picture is the merkaba, with the 7 circles, and Metatrons cube.  There is a lot going on in this picture, and know that it really doesn’t matter.  At a subconscious level you know this picture, and all that is inside of it, the vibration and what it can do for you.  You can feel it, use the energy.




  • Brings peace and balance

Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.


Torodial merkaba

I am sure you can feel the vibration of this picture above, you can feel it pulling you, and reacting to your chakras also helps to ground your bodies within your physical form, you want to access the higher spiritual dimensions.  Grounding is essential to grow, and release old belief structures, that keep your thoughts and your heart bound to the illusion of earth.

Remember we talked about Torodial waves. The vortex ring.

thank you for reading, and happy trails to you.  Remember if your breathing, and you have a heartbeat your on your spiritual path.  Don’t take things too serious, have fun and live your life.

with love Renee




I’m psychic now what?

Do you think your psychic?  or do you know your psychic? Come take a look at the information and you decide what to do if you are or are not.

These are signs for Psychic  surely  there are a lot more.  Maybe even less, but its good information.

  1. You predict the future without consciously doing so.
  2. vivid dreams that have a profound meaning and may come true
  3. You just love the paranormal, every ghosts, or energy, spooky and haunted.
  4.  A pressure at your third eye, or tingling up and down your spine, goose bumps, and your hair stands up on your arms.
  5. You just know something is going to happen, you feel it, and sense it, this feeling feels so real.  Maybe it does come true.
  6. You know something is just not right, a place, a person, their voice, you sense this deeply.
  7. You hear voices, whispering, talking, conversations, when your all alone, or not.
  8. Warnings- you felt a warning, you heard a warning, leave now, move now.
  9. You can read minds, you say something right before the person does, you know their thoughts.
  10. You feel others emotions, eek this is a strong emotion, fear, sadness, anger.  You pick up their feelings.
  11. You met them before.  Do I know you? you feel as though you have known them or at least met them before.

Don’t be silly of course there are a lot more signs.  These to me are some of the most important.

The next signs pertain to a Medium again these are not all the signs but some I thought important.


  1.  You sense spirits, since childhood or maybe not, but you are sensing something, that is spiritual
  2. You walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness, joy, happiness, you are feeling the environment of the room.
  3. You have a fear of the dark, could be from childhood and you still do, when its dark its just different.
  4. You wake up in the night, either just because or you feel a presence, or someone is talking to you, but no one is there.
  5. You that creepy, scary, feeling when you walk into an old building, cemetery, or ancient place.
  6. You have seen things out of the corner of your eye, possibly some white smoke, sparkles in the air, flashes of light, shadow or colors, or other apparitions
  7. You’ve had someone close to you die and experienced a lot of odd things afterwards, contact, hearing or feeling their energy near by you.  Maybe you saw them, maybe you felt them.
  8. You hear voice’s in your mind, but you have told yourself it’s just you.  Hearing inside and outside of your head.  spirit contact.
  9. You have pretended to have conversations with animals, within your mind.  Mediums are natural animal communicators, sometimes not even realizing they are.
  10. Anxiety attacks, all of the sudden, out of the blue, sometimes that is a spirit trying to link up to say “Hello”
  11. Strange noises, from another room things sounds like they are moving around.  When no one is there.
  12. You don’t like to be alone at night.  When I was young I was scared too death, to be alone.
  13. You feel like someone is watching you, even when your alone.  This is an over whelming feeling, I get it.
  14. Runs in the family, maybe your aunt, grandmother, or mother, father, had this ability, some people from back in the day don’t talk about this.
  15. You have had paranormal experiences you can’t explain.
  16. Electronics , appliances, lights, tv’s, tend to go out around you.
  17. You just in a conversation start to deliver these really profound messages, that just seem to pop through you.

You’ve taken prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to avoid any of the above feelings or sensations, or maybe to stop the voices of spirit contact.

Those are some of the signs.  I am sure we have all experience a few or all and more.

The clairs


This of course goes with mediumship also, I have never in a reading with a client declared I have all the the clairs.  I just don’t want to waste their precious time with explaining each clair.  I always say “I see, feel, hear, know, spirit”  This way we can move on they know these words.  They can understand then on we go.  But this is up to you.

Natural or latent psychic mediums

A natural medium is born this way, just like lady GaGa said in her hit song born this way.  The abilities present early, and last through out a lifetime.

Latent psychic medium is one where it presents later in life.  Also can be strongly attributed to:

an accident

a spiritual awakening


near death experience

The ability can present at any time.  Usually when you least expect it.

Signs of mental illness

Most don’t really want to talk about this.  But its important I feel.  A lot of the signs of a psychic medium can also be considered part of mental illness.  I recommend that people that are having these signs before they decide to do the work, get a full ck up, from a medical doctor.

medical ck up

hormone panel

metabolic ck up

iron, zinc and other elements in the body.

What seems to happen is you are called crazy so often, when presenting the signs and abilities.  You need to know your not crazy, it will be at the back of your mind.  In my experience, I have been called crazy many times.  When I got older I got a complete ck up, and blood work for deficiencies.  They found nothing wrong with me.  I knew then what this was.  I also had a good doctor that some how I connected with.  That said “your are psychic” thats what this is.  When using a doctor ck out their background first.  Make sure they are open to this fact.  The doctor can help or hinder.

Planes of existence

ok…so your psychic with mediumship abilities now what? You must have a foundation of understanding of how the spiritual realms works and you have to start with you.

7 planes for teaching

The seven fold nature of man is the reflection of the sevenfold nature of the universe.

“As above So below”

This picture shows the 7 planes of existence, with in each plane are dimensions/ or layers, each dimension holds 3 higher and 4 lower.  This also relates to the energy bodies around us.  The 7 bodies, the 7 chakras.

H.P Blavatsky is the theosophy and this literally mean: Divine wisdom, you can see in the chart the different ways of looking at the same thing.  Eastern, Kabbalah, and so on.

In the kabbalah the planes are related to the tree of life, with archangels with each part.

These planes relate to the energy bodies around you also:




spiritual – which contain the higher mental, budahic body, atmic body


Three minds

Bet you didn’t know you have three minds.  But you do and that is important to know, as you connect into these minds all the time, every day.




three minds and planesThese three minds also relate to planes of existence as you can see in the chart.  The physical is associated with the physical body, subconscious mind is higher up, and the mass collective unconscious mind where alot of readings are done, the super conscious is the connection into the mind or energy of source/god.

The mass unconsciousness is nothing to do with your mind, it is a collective, of thoughts of the mass of humans on this earth.

I give this information because if you are going to give readings, do energy work, intuitive work, this is the some of the information you need to give the best readings, or healings for the highest good of the people who come to you and trust you with their energy in any form you so choose to make your work.  Really it is service work.

Psychic Medium Work

To begin the work, you must study and practice.  You must have ethics, honesty, and integrity.  You must understand that readings, energy work, intuitive work is all multi dimensional.  You are connecting on many levels with them within their energy and your own.

Discernment if you don’t know your own energy, how will you tell the difference from yours, a spirit, an entity, a lower astral thought form, or an angel, a teacher, a master.

I suggest for young psychic mediums to live life, enjoy life, have fun, study, love, try life out, experience things.  Live your life.

study yes….but don’t put too much on your plate, you want to have an experience here also as a human.

You are your own teacher, guide yourself gently, and deliberately, along the path of learning.  You will find what resonates with you, you will be guided to a person or persons who will guide you in the direction that is right for you.

But keep in mind, all this work is sacred, and it must be respected and honored, and most important is love.  Love is the center of everything, through love you will find a connection like non other that will always be true, and sincere, and never lead you astray.

with love Renee