What are Psychic’s good for ?


It seems every time there is a tragedy that occurs.  I start getting mail.  The hate mail starts.  They sound a little like this. Why didn’t you stop it?  Why don’t you predict that or this?  What good are you?  What are you good for?, if you can’t warn people.  I have never heard a psychic, predict a tragedy like 911 will or would happen so what good are you?

Thank you for the those lovely letters but the truth, comes in many forms.  Most times the people who write me and really its only because I am a psychic medium, and maybe the only one they have heard of or had contact with.  So Bazinga, I get the brunt of the questions, and anger.

Of course tragedy in all its forms and ugliness is hard to deal with.

The truth about this is this.  A lot of psychic mediums will not report what they see and hear.  Of course we have the psychic’s and medium’s that work directly with the police, and give great tips to the proper authorities.  On the other hand there have been psychic’s who have been arrested, because they knew too much detail and were arrested as suspects.

Here are some facts or so called facts.

Chris Robinson, the psychic dreamer who warned intelligence agencies about planes hitting the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City prior to 9/11.

According to former senior National Security Agency official Tom Drake, British psychic spy Chris Robinson warned U.S. and British intelligence officials of a suicide attack against the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City prior to 9/11.

“These are my notes from August 5, 2000,” Robinson wrote to us, “the ones that kicked me into gear — and piss[ed] off the Special Branch here — and that led me to the USA and [working with University of Arizona Professor] Gary Schwartz [in August 2001, a month prior to 9/11].”


“The notes for the year 2001 were all sent to the [American] secret service, who asked for them in the U.S. — but I did keep a few copies — the one here was the night — going to bed — of 8 September 2001. It is part two, because the dreams were so terrible, I got up and then went back to sleep — and this was written at about four in the morning on Sunday the 9th.”

Dream notes scans provided by Christopher Robinson (U.K.)



There have been psychic’s that have come forward with information to help and try to stop tragedies from happening.  There are a lot of cases where they were not taken serious, certainly this thought is starting to change.  But it is very prevalent to this day.

Christopher Robinson has now predicted that

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